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Meet Horos

Horos™ is a free, open-source medical image viewer with over 100,000 users worldwide. Its core technology is based on OsiriX™ and other open source medical imaging libraries. Horos is made available under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (LGPL-3.0).


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  • How Horos Enables Physiotherapists To Make Better Treatment Plans
    If you need to view medical images, there is not a specialty out there that cannot benefit from the use of a fully featured, open source DICOM viewer like Horos. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, Horos is everywhere. In fact, one of our largest Horos user populations is in Italy. Read more to learn about how […]
  • Teleradiologists Using A Mac Don't Have To Break The Bank
    While there are more Windows users out there than Mac, you will always find physicians using Apple products around the world. For them, Horos is a breath of fresh air, as it was built to perform on a Mac platform. From the Americas to Asia, Horos has a footprint everywhere. One such place is India.
  • How Horos Enables Neurosurgeons To Reconstruct Cervical Spine Foramina
    Brazil as a nation has one of the largest Horos user populations in the world. Provided that Horos is present in 160 countries, that is a rather interesting statistic. While Horos users come from all corners of the globe, and range from a wide spectrum of specialties and professions, this spotlight introduces you to a […]
  • Spotlight: Veterinarians Using Horos for 3D Models
    It’s well established that Horos is a quality free and open source DICOM viewer. However, it’s super exciting when we hear that users have become evangelists of Horos. Such users have actively been on Horos throughout various stages of their professional lives. They truly embody what Horos was built as - a solution that is […]
  • 5 Steps After Downloading Horos
    Horos, a free open-source DICOM medical imaging viewer is available on the most recent Apple operating system OS X 10.11 or later. Your next steps upon downloading Horos should depend on the reasons you downloaded the software in the first place. Here are the most common use cases for Horos, and what you should do […]
  • Does Horos Have a PC Version?
    Not everyone has a Mac. If you are looking for a full featured, free, open source DICOM viewer you will find that you have slim pickings (if any) as far as the options that are available to you. There are many reasons as to why developers choose to build such platforms accessible on iOS devices […]